A u g m e n t e d   I n t e l l i g e n c e

MondoBrain enables rules to be shared throughout different departments. Not only operators and engineers can simulate settings and "Ask MondoBrain" for optimal settings,  but they can leverage colleagues experience to enhance their decision and build team optimum that take in account each departments recommandations or constraints, like QUALITY and YIELD and MAINTENANCE and CPST. With MondoBrain, making decisions become a rational and iterative process that leverages at every step operators expertise, previous best practices, and collective experience and constraints.

How ?

In MondoBrain a decision or a scenario becomes simply an html link that can be shared. Managers can ask colleagues to enhance their decision. Colleagues directly open the link and can also explore the scenario, either test its impact along other variables, adjust constraints and run MondoBrain again to optimize again under slightly different conditions.

③  Share and analyse  -  Track process performance

Simply draw the current constraints on your process and lock them, and show MondoBrain the levers you want to set. "Ask MondoBrain" to get the best possible settings.  

MondoBrain extracts previous best configurations that maximized the quality or the yield and provides optimal settings with target value and range. You can even eventually adjust those settings to your operational constraints or to minimize cost.

How ?

MondoBrain runs a revolutionary mathematical algorithm based on Alexander Grothendieck's Scheme Theory that explores each and every combination of past situations, and calculates their robustness against the targeted performance. It selects the critical drivers and displays the result under the form of ranges along the levers you selected. MondoBrain provides actually 3 responses : to what extend can you optimize your performance against historical data, is it robust, and what to do to get there.

Compared to any Artificial Intelligence technology, MondoBrain is not a black box. It explains and describes clearly and simply the recommendations is provides. This enables users to further dig and tune their decision, either by adjusting constraints or asking MondoBrain to explore deeper.

Unlike machine learning algorithms that globally optimizes an outcome, MondoBrain extracts local optimum that take in account the specificity of each situation. This is the same difference as if you learn what quantity of salt maximizes taste among 200 dishes for example. Classical algorithm will recommend 0.2% for instance. Obviously, it is an overall optimum but for many dishes it'll be too little and for many it'll be too much. It might even be the optimal recommandation for no dish at all. Here MondoBrain will tell for each dish and in each context what is the optimism quantity of salt.

②  Ask MondoBrain for best settings  -  Adjust to your constraints

The data visualization dashboard provides a deceptively simple interface to input the current constraints (raw material, machine, environments, manpower, ...) and dynamically evaluate the impact of various settings on quality and yield.

How ?

MondoBrain contains historical data of the process performance. When users select constraints and settings, MondoBrain retrieves all comparable previous cases and calculates the statistical difference between this very scenario and the overall history. It provides dynamically the calculation of the quality and yield level for those settings. It calculates the p-value and transforms it in a simple red-light color code. Green is robust, Yellow is influencial and Red is weak.

①  Describe your situation  -  Simulate settings impact

The virtuous cyle of Industrial Excellence with MondoBrain

On industrial or manufacturing processes, parameters are set by successive Design of Experiments, iterations, and multiple try and error sequences. However, the reality of an industrial process is that variability remains the most critical issue. It generates scrap, reduces yield, and often impacts customers.

With MondoBrain, it is possible to leverage all the experience acquired through the past productions in a simple tool that enables simulation, and prediction of optimal settings for each and every particular situation. You can maximize quality and yield real time and for every batch and product.

Intelligent Real Time Process Control - Factory 4.0

MondoBrain is designed be integrated in DCS software (MondoBrain API) to monitor real time the process, taking in account the current situation and optimizing the settings to the best of what was done in comparable configurations. MondoBrain provides full professional services for integration in any manufacturing environnment, from data integration to real time intelligent process control.

Either for discrete/batch manufacturing or for continuous processes, the proven impact on quality and yield goes from 15% to 30%.

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