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MondoBrain enables decisions to be shared and propagated throughout the organization. Not only managers can evaluate their expertise and extract previous best practices, but they can leverage colleagues experience to enhance their decision and build team optimum that take in account other departments recommandations or constraints. With MondoBrain, making decisions become a rational and iterative process that leverages at every step managers creativity, previous best practices, and collective experience and constraints.

How ?

In MondoBrain a decision or a scenario becomes simply an html link that can be shared. Managers can ask colleagues to enhance their decision. Colleagues directly open the link and can also explore the scenario, either test its impact along other variables, adjust constraints and run MondoBrain again to optimize again under slightly different conditions.

③  Share and enhance  -  Track decision impact

Simply draw the conditions you want to master and show MondoBrain the levers you can influence and "Ask MondoBrain" to extract the associates best practices and their drivers.  

It extracts previous best scenarios that maximized the performance you want to master and provides formal recommandations. You can even eventually adjust the recommandations to your operational constraints and Ask MondoBrain to explore deeper.

How ?

MondoBrain runs a revolutionary mathematical algorithm based on Alexander Grothendieck's Scheme Theory that explores each and every combination of past situations, and calculates their robustness against the targeted performance. It selects the critical drivers and displays the result under the form of ranges along the levers you selected. MondoBrain provides actually 3 responses : to what extend can you optimize your performance against historical data, is it robust, and what to do to get there.

Compared to any Artificial Intelligence technology, MondoBrain is not a black box. It explains and describes clearly and simply the recommendations is provides. This enables users to further dig and tune their decision, either by adjusting constraints or asking MondoBrain to explore deeper.

Unlike machine learning algorithms that globally optimizes an outcome, MondoBrain extracts local optimum that take in account the specificity of each situation. This is the same difference as if you learn what quantity of salt maximizes taste among 200 dishes for example. Classical algorithm will recommend 0.2% for instance. Obviously, it is an overall optimum but for many dishes it'll be too little and for many it'll be too much. It might even be the optimal recommandation for no dish at all. Here MondoBrain will tell for each dish and in each context what is the optimism quantity of salt.

②  Ask MondoBrain for smart recommendations  -  Adjust to your constraints

The simple data visualization dashboard provides an intuituve way to draw and explore decisions and alternatives, and dynamically evaluate their impact and robustness.

How ?

MondoBrain contains historical data about a given KPI or performance. When users select a hypothesis or a scenario, MondoBrain retrieves all comparable previous cases and calculates the statistical difference between this very scenario and the overall history. It provides dynamically the calculation of this scenario impact and robustness. It calculates the p-value and transforms it in a simple red-light color code. Green is robust and will impact the KPIs in the future, Yellow will influence the KPI, and Red is weak.

①  Evaluate decision impact  -  Simulate alternatives

The virtuous cyle of decision making with MondoBrain

Operational Excellence relies on a variety of principles, systems, and tools to sustain improvement of key performance metrics.

After Craft Production, Mass Production (Taylor), Lean Management, Six Sigma and Operational Excellence, companies are desperatly looking for a new Management System to bring performance to the next level.

The deployment of MondoBrain as an integrated and structured Management System Platform on every KPIs throughout the hierarchy divides by 4 the cycle of decision. It makes decisions fact based, optimized, shared, and provides instant performance improvement up to 50%. MondoBrain digitizes decision making and business processes.


Digitize Operation Excellence