A u g m e n t e d     I n t e l l i g e n c e

How does it work?

Using a deceptively simple dynamic interface, you apply filters to create questions for MondoBrain. MondoBrain sees what you see. Everything is interactive, visual and simple. Thanks to a unique hypothesis-free algebraic geometry algorithm that is robust to missing and discrete data, and an insane computing power from the cloud or on premise, MondoBrain will eliminate the variables that provide no value, extract the variables that drive the phenomena, and learn the critical ranges and values that have the strongest impact on the outcome. Simple traffic light colors indicate how strong the answer is. Then, according to your technical or business constraints, simply adjust the rule you receive to see live updates of the predicted results. You can explore alternatives, move ranges, and iterate with MondodoBrain until you find the best solution.

How can I try it?

Request a free Proof of Concept and discover the future of smart decision making.

We also provide templates for each type of technical and business issue and structured training.

We have a network of experienced partners who will support you to deploy MondoBrain faster and more efficiently.

Who uses it?

MondoBrain is already deployed by industry leaders and government organizations.

MondoBrain has solved more than 1500 problems.

Issues that seemed impossible before become now easy and natural.

What is the cost?

MondoBrain is 10 times less expensive than other software that do not provide half of what MondoBrain delivers.

The return on investment is less than three months.

What are the benefits?

                  1. MondoBrain makes analysis of critical issues 20 times faster

                    2. MondoBrain provides an explanation of WHY performance is increasing or decreasing

                    3. Start using MondoBrain now. With just an internet browser and a login, there is no need to disturb IT

                    4. MondoBrain takes less than 10 minute to understand. No need to be a data scientist or a statistician

                    5. MondoBrain's rules can be immediatly understood, shared and enriched by your colleagues

                    6. Track your performance evolution and pay-back of decisions

                    7. Predict future issues and manage accordingly, instead of reacting through trial and error

What can you do with it?

- Your product doesn't meet the specifications, how do you fix it? Ask MondoBrain !

- Your sales go down, you don't know what to do? Ask MondoBrain !

- Your customers are not loyal? You want to retain them and adjust your pricing? Ask MondoBrain !

What is MondoBrain?

MondoBrain is a revolution in analytics for Subject Matter Experts and Decision Makers.

"Ask MondoBrain" a critical question and get a simple response

on any issue where you have data or historical records.

You can monitor your business indicators or technical issues and

MondoBrain will advise you how to better perform.

Just Ask MondoBrain !

and immediately understand the causes and drivers of your critical issues