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Titanic Survivors

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Marketing Mix

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Are you Republican

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Credit Risk

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Bronchiale Diet

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Price Optimization

Politics : Public behaviour

Titanic Survivors

Marketing: Mix Media, Segmentation, Campaign management

Risk, Insurance, Finance, Safety, Credit, Fraud, Churn, Asset management, Intelligence

Clinical Trial, Diagnosis, Best Practices, Biomarkers, Public health, Health insurance

KPIs, CRM, Sales, Pricing, Loyalty, P&L, Cost, Points of sales

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Turbine Quality

Democrat vs Republican Vote

What are the critical questions and subjects that drive votes.

1. Are you a Democrat or a Republican. Select your range of age, your gender, and the questions that are critical for you. Lock them. Ask MondoBrain along the other variables what makes the differnce between a Democrat and a Republica,.

2. Speech theme. Select the main subject of interest in a city, lock them. Ask MondoBrain what are the key themes you should talk about to convince the people of this city. Ask again when you get a first result to find the next most important.

Titanic Survivors

What to do to survive on the Titanic (real database).

1. Leonardo Di Caprio. Describe a man, less than 25, in lower class and Lock it. Show Number of spouses and number of children and hide other variables. Ask MondoBrain how to maximize your odds of surviving.

2. Upper Class. Select a upper class and Fare above 120. Lock this profile. Ask MondoBrain who's going to survive.

Marketing - How to make people buy a Mazda

Analyse the impact of your marketing campaigns, and segment your potential buyers.

1. Targeting. Select Internet Ad x Mazda and Lock it. Show customer survey variables only and hide others. Ask MondoBrain the best target population for your Internet Ad campaign.

2. Multi channel marketing. Select a customer segment you want to target and lock it. Hide variables and show the marketing channels you control. Ask MondoBarin what is best strategy.

Mortage Risk

Analyse the level of downpayment and salary required for people to get mortage.

1. Profiling. Describe a person's profile with his range of age, and the range of Market value of the house he would buy. Hide other variables and show Downpayment, Employment length and Salary. Ask MondoBrain what is critical for a steady payback.

2. Marketing. Select a bank, Lock it. Show MondoBrain only customer profile variables like age and salary, and Ask MondoBrain the type of customer that particular bank should target for low mortage risk.

Dermatitis to Bronchiale

Analyse risks of Bronchiale for young children with Dermatitis.

1. Diagnosis. Describe and Lock a child profile with the first variables, hide all other variables and show the 5 Exposure variables. Ask MondoBrain to understand what that child should avoid to reduce his risk of Bronchiale and what triggers Bronchiale for him.

2. Public health. Describe an environnement with the Exposure variable at the end. Lock them. Ask MondoBrain what population is at risk of Bronchiale in that area.

Selling Shampoo

Analyze your optimal pricing and product demonstrations for selling more shampoo at hair dressers.

1. Price elasticity. Select a range of sales Client and a range of Years of servicing. Hide all variable except Overall Discount and % product demonstration. Ask MondoBrain how to maximize revenue. Explore per region segmentation.

2. Special offer. Select a discount at 40% or greater, and % product demonstration at 80% for the launch of a new product. Lock those conditions. Hide all variables. Show Sales Client per month, Years of servicing and region. Ask MondoBrain where you should start your product launch to maximize your revenue.

Balancing Jet Engine Axis

Balancing jet engine axis is a challenge and costs a fortune.

1. Yield. Adjust your grinder settings for each axis. Select an axis supplier and a range of Variation Axis Diameter. Lock them. Ask MondoBrain along the other variables the optimal setting to produce perfect axis.

2. Quality. Compare morning shift and afternoon best practice. Select Morning shift and Ask MondoBrain what drives Good balancing. Apply the obtained rule to afternoon shift.

3. Maintenance. Your grinder cannot run with Pressure above 40. Before maintenance fixes it, can you still balance your axis and how?

Manufacturing and Engineering : Quality, Yield, Maintenance, R&D, Supply chain



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