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• Early intervention

• Student retention

• Curriculum effectivness

• Program effectivness

• Student recruiting

• Fundraising

• Development targeting

Energy & Mining

• Exploration

• Efficiency

• Performance

• Emission

• Hazard assessment

• Targeting

Risks & Intelligence

• Risk profiling

• Cyber security

• Safety

• Fraud

• Operational risk

Industrial excellence

• Yield, Efficiency

• Smart maintenance

• Design of experiment

• Process control

• 6 sigma

• Quality and warranty

• Industrialisation

• Manufacturing

• Product defect

Retail E-commerce

• Loyalty, retention

• Attrition, churn

• Up-selling, cross-selling

• Customer profiling

• Mix Marketing

• Demand forecasting

• Experiencing

• Market research


Pharma & Healthcare

• Fermentation

• Biotech

• Chemistry processing

• Drug discovery

• Health cost management

• Medication adherence

• Clinical fraud

• Clinical trial

• Prior authorization

Over the last 10 years, many companies, such as SAS, SPSS, WEKA, RapidMiner, KXEN or BigML, have tried to develop datamining and machine learning solutions. But the complexity of their workflows, the requirement of a minimum level of knowledge in datamining and mathematics, and the complex interfaces have made those tools largely usable only to data scientists or engineers. The experts who had the business needs had to work through those data mining experts to extract some information from their data, and most of the time only the engineer who had built the models or used the datamining tool could truly understand what he had done.

Instead of supporting better business decisions, datamining was then considered as a complex black box, very difficult to use, requiring talented statisticians, providing results difficult to use and implemente in real life, and depending on who did the study.

At MondoBrain, we realized that we had to address three challenges to bring these technologies to a wider audience and offer real augmented intelligence:

- 1 -

Develop a new generation of algorithms based on A. Grothendieck scheme theory (Field Medal) that extract knowledge and rules from data without any model or distance, and that can explore every part of  multi-dimensional spaces independently.

- 2 -

Invent an iterative workflow where the algorithms can enhance the expert knowledge and where the expert can use their own business knowledge to guide the direction in which the algorithm learns.

- 3 -

Design a simple WYSIWYG interface that exposes all relevant information, but requires no statistician or developer skills.

MondoBrain extracts unprecedented and stable rules invisible to any other models (decision trees, associations rules, CART, C4.5, ...) and builds reliable and simple explanatory and predictive rules.

Banking & Insurance

• Credit scoring

• Underwriting

• Claim management

• Anti-fraud

• Quantitative trading

• Asset management

• Leasing


     - One click dynamic visualization of any excel spreadsheet

     - Explore combination of any variables

     - Run MondoBrain advanced Artificial Engine to extract unknown rules

     - Add Augmented Intelligence capabilities to all your dashboard

Product features

Alexander Grothendieck Algebraic Geometry Genius | MondoBrain

How computers and algorithms can efficiently augment experts and engineers intelligence and enhance their knowledge and understanding of critical issues?



     - KISS – Keep Is Stupid Simple and WYSIWYG interface

     - Dynamic vizualisation of variable impact on outcome

     - Real time combined influence analysis

     - Build and visualize business rules with drag & drop

     - Drivers of performance / risk measure

     - Simulate and evaluate What If scenario

     - Understand the contribution of each variable

     - Explore variables relationships

     - Dynamic visualization of impact and performance


1. Cloud Computing

     - Instantly available

     - No set up cost

     - Secured https ssl connection

     - Servers in US, Europe and Asia

2. On Premise

     - Dedicated server

     - On demand quotation

     - Full support for implementation, maintenance and support


     - Instant Access to MondoBrain algorithm : "Ask MondoBrain" one click

     - Enhance business rule with MondoBrain algorithm

     - Extract unknown sub population and profiles

     - Maximize rule power

     - Complement business rules with artificial intelligence

     - Build knowledge upon and beyond human expertise

     - Case base learning

     - MondoBrain engine comes also as an API for custom integration


     - NEW:  MondoBrain runs on tablets, iPads and Android

     - Easy access through Google Chrome Browser

     - No installation or set up

     - Load file of any format: text, csv, Excel, SAS, HDFS (Hadoop)

     - Secured and dedicated web portal. https connection

     - Easy integration within third party software: API architecture

     - Save and edit rules

     - Share rules and leverage third party expertise and experience

MondoBrain is an "Augmented Intelligence" system

A force multiplier for your expert knowledge that fundamentally changes the game of data exploration, making it more efficient and effective. It is your guide along the path of information discovery, helping you navigate the complexities of your data, and showing you exactly where you should focus your precious time and attention toward in order to extract the most value.

How is it different from what’s out there now? In current data exploration tools, the information discovery process is still quite manual. Select conditions, get results as visual or numeric feedback, and adjust what to look at next based on that result. Then try again, and again, recalibrate, and try again. These tools sometimes provide useful information, but real world data is complex and interdependent, and often it is nearly impossible to discover the best decision or hidden relationship. It can be like throwing darts blindfolded.

We thought there must be a better way. A way to enable data exploration that is less like darts, and more like Jeopardy. An easy to use and accessible approach where the desired result is the input, and the question or conditions that optimize that result is the solution.

MondoBrain is that platform. Let us show you what it can do for your business intelligence.

MondoBrain is a simple and powerful Smart Analytic Solution to profile and predict risks, customers, transactions and performance.

MondoBrain leverages in a simple web interface a unique non statistical algorithms, dynamic data visualization and the knowledge of subjects matter experts. Experts can instantly augment their intelligence with powerful algorithms to understand, explain, predict and monitor critical issues with formal rules.

MondoBrain discover unprecedented relationships and critical situations that are invisible to other tools and technologies, and that make sense for business users.

MondoBrain enables a New Class of Citizen Data Scientist

MondoBrain is the fruit of 25 years of management experience in European and US companies, either big international groups and little technology start-ups, with goal trees, 6 sigma, PDCA, Kaizen, TPM, Lean, etc… 

Six Sigma and process analysis is an amazing methodology and culture. It has changed in depth many companies. However, it is focussed on reducing variability, which by nature aims more towards reproducing than evolving. It is complex, requires a long training, the use of complex statistical tools that nobody really likes, and is hard to deploy beyond some specialists. Very few managers understand and like statistics. Even in companies that have deployed six sigma, it never becomes a daily management approach. It stays in the problem solving arena.

Organizations have a need to empower their SMEs and managers so that they can contribute to the maximum to the performance of the company. But they face a difficult issue: good people are rare, don't always stay long enough. Same for the experienced managers and professionals who have gathered years of experience on a process and all its subtilities. Companies are in a cultural dead end, struggling to reduce cost, to innovate, to follow more stingent regulations, to capitalize critical knowledge, and they are all fighting with the same tools.

MondoBrain is a deep cultural change, a fresh air in this schizophrenic environnment. It brings to companies a simple way for every manager to better manage and understand their environment, but also a transparent and shared way to measure and monitor performance.

A fundamental cultural change

Why use MondoBrain

Your product doesn't meet the specifications, how need to fix it?   Ask MondoBrain!

Your sales go down, you don't know what to do?   Ask MondoBrain!

Your customers are not loyal? You want to retain them and adjust your pricing?   Ask MondoBrain!

Make smarter decisions

MondoBrain gives SMEs the ability to understand why a performance is going up or down. In a deceptively simple interface, they can

- explore configurations and scenarios

- evaluate the impact of actions and strategies

- ask MondoBarin how to better perform and get explicite recommandations

In a deceptively simple dynamic interface, users apply filters to create questions for MondoBrain. MondoBrain sees what you see. Everything is interactive, visual and simple.

Thanks to a unique hypothesis-free algebraic geometry algorithm that is robust to missing and discrete data, and an insane computing power from the cloud or on premise, MondoBrain will eliminate the variables that provide no value, extract the variables that drive the phenomena, and learn the critical ranges and values that have the strongest impact on the outcome.

Simple traffic light colors indicate how strong the answer is. Then, according to your technical or business constraints, simply adjust the rule you receive to see live updates of the predicted results.

You can explore alternatives, move ranges, and iterate with MondodoBrain until you find the best solution.

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How does MondoBrain work


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