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The tool of tomorrow

MondoBrain is a deep cultural change, a fresh air in this schizophrenic environnment. It brings to companies a simple way for every manager to better manage, understand their environment, take fact based decisions and maximize their ROI, but also a transparent and shared way to measure and monitor performance throughout the organizations.

Join the pace

Major aerospace, pharma, retail and automotive companies are running on MondoBrain, providing immediate payback. Government organizations, universities and labs too, solving complex problems previously impossible to address. MondoBrain has answered more than 100 000 questions in less than a year.

– What it brings –

An explanation of WHY performance increases or decreases. Predict future issues and manage accordingly, instead of reacting through trial and error. Evaluate your decisions and explore alternative scenarios.

– Management system –

Optimize performance of a business process. Track  performance evolution and pay-back of decisions. MondoBrain is an intelligent dashboard that advises you how to better perform.

– Problem solving –

MondoBrain help solving critical problems. You can explore alternatives, move ranges, and iterate with MondodoBrain until you find the best solution. It makes 6 sigma easy and fast. MondoBrain is 20 faster than any other approach to find the best solutions.

– Simple –

No need to be a data scientist, the software is visual and intuitive, it takes less than 10 minutes to learn ! You understand immediatelaty how to solve critical issues. You can even share and enrich decisions with collegues.

– Quick –

Start using it now, with just an internet browser and a login you have access to MondoBrain. The insane computing power required to answer your question is running in the cloud instantly.

– Best value for money –

MondoBrain gives you better results than all the most expensive and complex software. You can have a free version for individual use, and the commercial price depends on the added value MondoBrain provides.

Why MondoBrain ?

MondoBrain is the most powerful and simplest decision making platform

You can now have smart recommendations and master critical KPIs


This is Augmented Intelligence