MondoBrain: Prescriptive &

Explainable AI Solution

The most Interpretable algorithm in the market.

What is MondoBrain?

MondoBrain is the most interpretable and easy-to-use AI solution in the market. Users can interact with data in a visible Q&A fashion and they are able to leverage a powerful algorithm to make the best, most data-driven decisions. MondoBrain's AI algorithm generates insights to provide courses of actions for decision makers to reproduce desirable outcomes and avoid undesirable outcomes.

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How Does MondoBrain Work?

The MondoBrain solution is comprised of three facets:

artificial_intel.png API & SDK's

Tap directly into our explainable algorithm to tackle challenges and build applications.

intel_dashboards-01.png Intelligent Dashboards

Dive deeper to understand the “why” & the “how” to guide your business decisions.

kpi_mng-01.png KPI Optimization & Data Services

Manage each of your actionable performance metrics (KPI's) in all business units.

Why MondoBrain?

Explainability realized through MondoBrain.

Model & Rule Monitoring

Enable continuous real-time rule monitoring and refinement of existing rules and discovering new rules.

Easier to Deploy.png
Process Mining & Automation

Automates process mining through MondoBrain's AI-powered algorithm without disturbing your current workflow.

Store Operations .png
Explainable Insights

Use MondoBrain's algorithm for discovering insights, segments or rule sets on big data sets.

Operational Decision Support

Enable continuous real-time rule monitoring and refinement of existing rules and discovering new rules.


What is Prescriptive Analytics?

Prescriptive Analytics can help understand why things happen and provide the best courses of action by identifying the strongest factors that influence certain outcomes. MondoBrain's suite of products offer end-to-end explainable AI-powered solutions and services for decision-making within an organization at scale.




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"MondoBrain helps us to accelerate the optimization of our processes and to speed up decision making."

Khalid Saad Zaghloul

Head of Digital Risk & Fintechs

BNP Paribas