Insurance & Reinsurance

Even though there has been high adoption of Machine Learning & AI in insurance, many applications have failed to deliver on promises of efficiency gains. This can be attributed to the challenges of explainability and contextualization of models in various business cases. MondoBrain provides a self-service, easy-to-use AI platform that elevates decision making at scale with a level of transparency tested & approved by industry experts and regulatory bodies.

Applications Include:

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Claims Analytics

Use Cases: fraudulent claims detection, high claims analysis, underwriting process optimization, premium pricing strategy and much more. MondoBrain helps decision makers understand correlation & causality very clearly for decisive recipes for success.


Risk Management & Compliance

Use Cases: pricing strategy, risk modeling, portfolio optimization and much more. MondoBrain’s glass-box approach to AI has been tested and approved by regulatory bodies as well as internal & external controls.


Sales & Marketing

Use Cases: marketing channels optimization, conversion rate, revenue optimization, cross-sell / up-sell and much more. MondoBrain’s KPI optimization & management platform helps navigate and balance these cross functional KPI’s.

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Consumer Insights

Use Cases: customer & market segmentation, customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value and much more. MondoBrain’s glass-box approach to AI can help uncover opportunities for growth.

What is MondoBrain?

MondoBrain is the most interpretable and easy-to-use AI solution in the market. Users can interact with data in a visible Q&A fashion and they are able to leverage a powerful algorithm to make the best, most data-driven decisions. MondoBrain's AI algorithm generates insights to provide courses of actions for decision makers to reproduce desirable outcomes and avoid undesirable outcomes.

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