Financial Services

Total potential cost savings from Artificial Intelligence applications in financial services industry is projected to surpass $400 billion by 2023. Even though there has been high adoption of Machine Learning & AI in finance, many applications have failed to deliver on promises of efficiency gains. This can be attributed to the challenges of explainability and contextualization of models in various business cases. MondoBrain provides a self-service, easy-to-use AI platform that elevates decision making at scale with a level of transparency tested & approved by industry experts and regulatory bodies.

Applications Include:


Consumer Finance & Retail Banking

Use Cases: sales, marketing, conversion rate, cross-sell / up-sell, credit underwriting and much more. MondoBrain helps decision makers understand correlation & causality very clearly for decisive recipes for success.


Risk Management & Compliance

Use Cases: pricing strategy, market segmentation, risk modeling, fraud detection, collections strategy, portfolio optimization and much more. MondoBrain’s glass-box approach to AI has been tested and approved by regulatory bodies as well as internal & external controls.


Asset Management

Use Cases: sales, trader performance improvement, time-series analysis and much more. MondoBrain’s proprietary algorithm has a unique approach to time-series analysis that can help uncover opportunities for growth.



Other Machine Learning and AI methodologies have been proven ineffective for rare events due to lack of data points. MondoBrain’s algorithm is designed to scale in both directions when it comes to data width and depth, which makes our solution perfect for AML & KYC.

What is MondoBrain?

MondoBrain is the most interpretable and easy-to-use AI solution in the market. Users can interact with data in a visible Q&A fashion and they are able to leverage a powerful algorithm to make the best, most data-driven decisions. MondoBrain's AI algorithm generates insights to provide courses of actions for decision makers to reproduce desirable outcomes and avoid undesirable outcomes.

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